Posted by: Samantha in Wellness on January 13th, 2017

Washing hands







Oh my goodness it’s that time of year again!  Surrounded by coughs, sniffles and germs, germs, germs!  Well, were always surrounded by germs but this time of year, they make us sick.  Here are a few strategies to implement to guard your health and deter those little germs sticking in your system!

Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.  This can’t be emphasized enough!  Often germs are transferred from our fingers to mucus’s in, on and around the orifices of our face including the eyes.  When you find yourself reaching to your face ask yourself, “When was the last time I washed my hands?”  While washing, don’t forget to clasp your hands together, getting between the fingers.  And it goes without saying to avoid sharing objects.

Keep yourself hydrated! Truthfully, most Americans walk around dehydrated.  Water is used in thousands of enzymatic reactions that occurs in the body for maintaining homeostasis (physiological equilibrium).  Our human system is 60 percent water for men and 55 percent for women on average.  Fat tissue carries less water than lean tissue.  If you feel thirsty you’re well past the need for water as this mechanism is a slow feedback loop to the brain.  When I say water I’m talking about the clear stuff with no calories.  Not juices, fruit or otherwise, soda, or any other of multitude of beverages on the market.  If you must use something in your water in order to drink more you can use the low calorie sweetened flavorings available, but try diluting them so you can decrease your dependency on the need for sweetness in your drinks.  Shoot for about a gallon of water a day.  That’s 128 ounces.

Stay rested.  I know, this can be tough with how busy our lives are.  The Sleep Foundation recommends that adults age 26-64 get between 7-9 hours of sleep and ≥ 65 get between 7-8 hours a night.  If your body is well rested, it’s better able to vigorously fight off exposure to germs that want to make you sick.

Getting enough color in your diet!  That means vegetables, vegetables and more vegetables!  Okay so I just opened Pandora’s box.  But guess what?  When your body is properly equipped with the chemicals it needs to stave off sickness it does a mighty job in the fight!  A colorful diet rich in vegetables, legumes, and fruit means a robust immune system because these foods are loaded with phytochemicals—the power source for aiding the body in fighting illness and disease!  Trust me this is a whole other discussion which actually I plan to delve into in great detail later in the year.  Seven to nine servings of vegetables are recommended by the American Dietetic Association—so crunch up!

Get regular exercise.  More and more research is showing that exercise is necessary for optimal health.  To such that the lack of exercise puts you at as great of risk for unwanted diseases and sickness as smoking.  Yes, the lack of exercise can negatively impact your health.  The evidence is irrefutable.  Get moving if you’re not, and stay moving if you are!

A word on supplements.  I’m a big fan.  Herbs, tinctures, vitamins, minerals, etc., for the most part they’re great.  Caveat, supplements are supplements and meant to be supplemental to a good diet and healthy lifestyle.  They will not fix a crappy diet or lack of exercise.  Take them wisely.

Yours in health,

Samantha L. Madsen, MS. CSCS
“Train Smart. Eat Healthy. Rest Well. Supplement Wisely.”